Siebold | Später gehen die Kinder in Professor Platans Labor, wo Michaela alles für Alains Rückkehr vorbereiten. Decided to continue traveling and grow on her own, Serena decided to have Pancham stay by her side. In the Pokemon X and Y video games, Serena has honey hair with grey eyes and wears a dark pink hat with a black hatband and white sunglasses. Serena deciding to go with Ash and friends. Obwohl Fynx im Typvorteil ist, verliert es gegen Bisasam. Although they're close friends, Serena has strong feelings for Ash which started when they first met when they were little. trainiert Serena gemeinsam mit Fynx und Pam-Pam eine neue Technik für den nächsten Showcase. Am Ende der Episode erhält sie von Ash ein blaues Band, das er gewonnen hat.

schenkt Serena, nachdem sie geholfen hat Team Rocket zu besiegen, im Rahmen eines Geschenkefests Fynx eine Schleife und Pam-Pam eine neue Sonnenbrille. She also has a passion for fashion and clothes, always searching for the prettiest and most stylish outfits to wear. Unlike most of the other female protagonists in the Pokémon games, Serena is a girl who seems to be on the cusp of adulthood. [21] Serena and her friends meet a mysterious Pokémon, nicknamed Squishy by Bonnie, as its being chased by Team Flare which they all agree that they should protect at all cost. gewinnt Serena schließlich mit Pam-Pam und Rutena den Pokémon-Showcase von Frescora und erhält somit ihren ersten Schlüssel. Candice | Zudem trägt sie schwarze Schuhe. To make her day even better, Serena was given a present from none other than Ash himself as his way of saying thanks for helping him find a gift for his Pokémon. Als sie ihn findet, bietet sie ihm ihre Hilfe an, da auch er ihr in schwierigen Situationen, wie zum Beispiel beim Showcase, geholfen hat. Fynx ist Serenas erstes Pokémon und gleichzeitig auch ihr Starter, welches sie von Professor Platan erhalten hat. Sophocles | Realizing she needs to give people the same, Serena vows to work harder and become a good Queen one day which satisfied Palermo and offer her to study with her to become the next Kalos Queen. While watching a Performance with her friends, Serena witnessed a Pancham interrupt the performer to put on a little routine of its own. Serena sees the beautiful ocean view then Clemont reminds her and Ash that they also met in a camp, which he promises to make this camp a fun experience. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Koga | Pokémon | During the Free Performance, Serena, Eevee and Braixen charmed the audience with their dance routine. While talking to Aria, she saw a girl giving a Poké Puff to her Furfrou, causing her to think about Fennekin and Pancham and start to cry. nimmt sie an ihrer ersten Bühnenshow, zusammen mit Sannah und Jessie, teil. Both were expected to have the same career as one of their parents (a Gym Leader and Rhyhorn Racer respectively), neither of which they wanted to pursue. Serena was last seen happily arriving in Hoenn as she is ready to begin her journey there. Nach der Rettung der beiden Pikachu durch den wieder genesenen Ash entschuldigt sich Serena bei Johnny, dass sie ihn getäuscht hat und lädt ihn zum gemeinsamen Essen ein. Eevee was shy and hesitant to battle at first, but with encouragement from the Pokémon, Eevee was able to make a comeback by learning the rhythm of Tierno and his Blastoise and following it up with Swift. In Was für eine wunderbare Zeit! XY138: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life! Sie und die Anderen erforschen derweil im Labor, was Team Flare geplant hat. Ihre Mutter sagt dann, d… Her fingernails are kept natural without any nail polish on while her game counterpart wears a faint pink nail polish. Dawn | [19] After meeting up with Shauna and Tierno, Serena introduce Eevee as her new friend and partner to them. Burgh | Serena and her friends watching Ash at the Kalos League. 1 Biography 1.1 Pokémon the Series: XY and XYZ 2 Pokémon 2.1 On hand 3 Episode appearances Mirror Serena, unlike her counterpart, is sometimes rude and calls Ash a crybaby, after he loses a battle. Olivia | Raichu | Ilima | [44] When everyone regroup, Serena decided to stay behind to keep Bonnie and Mairin safe. Lenora | During that time, she got lost in the middle of a forest while trying to find her group. [12], Later, Serena meets up with her mother again when Grace was teaching a group of people how to ride Skiddo. XY062: The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination! Realizing that she shouldn't interrupt the battle, Serena decided to watch Ash instead as she asks Alexa if she can observe, which she said was fine. Because of Eevee's misstep, Serena lost the Showcase. Giratina | As player characterGrace (mother)Unnamed fatherAs NPCUnnamed parents Bianca | She would help him set up the table when they're having breaks or having a meal. While Ash and Clemont hold off Team Rocket, Serena, Pikachu, Dedenne and Pancham tried to rescue Fennekin. Later, Serena helped him again during his Gym Battle by calling out to him as she reminded him of the training he did the other day, which successfully helped him to win his first Kalos Pokémon League Gym Badge.