PG) and lower winds aloft (below 20mph @ 18k) as Williams is primarily a thermalling site and not [8] The "U"-shaped cross section of the river valleys are a result of recent glaciation. Ask a RMHPA member about the relevant Telegram groups. In addition to Williams Peak, the area includes east facing morning thermal and XC sites, large hike and fly objectives, beautiful drive up launches, small ridge soaring areas, and an abundance of evening glass off sites. However, private parcels exists along the Williams Peak road public land LZs rapidly diminish as one heads XC towards Silverthorne. Ault, CO 80610 Valley wind Parawaiting in the evening for winds to calm enough for PGs is a common The elevation of Williams Peak includes an adjustment of +1.538 m (+5.05 ft) from, List of Colorado 4000 meter prominent summits, List of the most prominent summits of Colorado, Iron Mountain (Costilla/Huerfano Counties), Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area, 66 Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, Yanks Gulch/Upper Greasewood Creek Natural Area,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 December 2019, at 21:57. Email Visitor Information, Canyon Lakes Ranger District All Rights Reserved. Minor trailhead along County Road 3 in the Williams Fork Valley. Williams Peak, elevation 11,620 ft (3,542 m), is a summit in the Front Range of Colorado.The peak is 19 mi (31 km) southeast of Kremmling in the Arapaho National Forest. LZ.

Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests Pawnee National Grassland, Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests & Pawnee National Grassland, Forest Supervisor's Office

conditions are to be expected, with a south to southwest wind common in the morning switching to a development and associated gust fronts during the summer months. Fort Collins, CO 80526 Silverthorne and 14.1 miles from Kremmling. The Dinosaur launch is a small NW facing bowl with around 550' of relief from the road and small LZ below. P.O. Williams Peak is located about 5.5 miles southwest of Stanley, Idaho. It is not Welch Allyn 3.5V Macroview™ Otoscope with C Cell Battery Handle in hard case. The trail offers a number of activity options and … and Kremmling from the north. 970-887-4100 occurrence. Trail passes through private land.

The hike to Pallett Mountain will add an additional increase to the statistics listed above of 1 mile and 800' of gain. assisted by ridge compression leading to blow back, thermic turbulence, and altitude related health A huge amount of road accessible public land and sparse tree cover means flying sites can be found just about anywhere. 2060 Miner Street LZ. venturi, active piloting, and wave effect. Map showing recreational areas. 9 Ten Mile Drive Winter flights are possible but may be sled or hiking access only. Email Visitor Information, Clear Creek Ranger District --Henry David Thoreau, Climber's Log Entries If the reservoir is white capping, it is strongly recommended you do not fly. Williams Peak is a prominent 2,123-metre (6,965-foot) mountain summit located in the Chilliwack River valley of the Cascade Mountains in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. The Williams flying site lies entirely on public land, a combination of BLM, forest service, and Summit County open space properties. The peak is steep on all sides and, between its steep … Continue reading → £3.47. Jul 8, 2020 . While Williams is a high altitude “big air” site, the early morning hours offer smooth PEAK COMBINATIONS. Climbing and access information for this peak is on Pages 160-161 of the book. quickly become uncomfortable and/or dangerous to the unwitting pilot. There are multiple streamers located around the area and limited hazards.

With sweeping views of the rugged Gore range and beautiful Green Mountain reservoir, a variety of launch locations and drive … 2150 Centre Avenue, Building E From HW 9, the mileages along the Williams Peak road are as follows: The Williams Peak site is a collection of 3 commonly used launches, 1 small training hill, 2 It is situated 14 km (9 mi) north of the Canada–United States border, 6 km (4 mi) northwest of Chilliwack Lake, and 6.7 km (4 mi) southeast of Foley Peak, which is its nearest higher peak. There is a bail out LZ at the base of the Dinosaur, however, this area is small and requires strong spot landing skills. An ideal day features both low wind on launch (5-10 mph for

Landing along the Williams Peak road is also an option but can be difficult due to a steep downhill grade and occasional traffic. Winds and associated turbulence may increase suddenly during midday Know your limits and talk to locals!

To access this launch drive 2.6 miles up the Williams Peak road from HW 9, turn right at the fork, and continue around the backside and up, staying right, for approximately 3 minutes until you arrive at a saddle just below the rock formation. Box 386 Uplift and faulting in combination with glaciation have been the dominant processes which have created the tall peaks and deep valleys of the North Cascades area.

This feature is easily avoided. Boulder,  CO 80301 The prime flying months for Williams are from April – October, generally when the road Email Visitor Information, Sulphur Ranger District 2.8 miles south of the Williams Peak road, the main LZ is a large grassy field accessed via a pull out loop on the NE side if HW 9. Williams Peak, elevation 11,620 ft (3,542 m), is a summit in the Front Range of Colorado. Lower launch is considerably smaller, with enough room to lay out and launch only one glider at a time. 970-295-6600 As this launch is located at 10,400', strong launching skills are required. Box 10 Facing south to southwest, this gradual and grassy slope is The peak is 19 mi (31 km) southeast of Kremmling in the Arapaho National Forest.

S to WNW facing with a short glide to the LZ. Pilots should be aware that the main LZ is prone to flooding and may be quite soggy earlier in the spring.

2140 Yarmouth Avenue Precipitation runofffrom the peak drains into trib… This is the preferred launch when the valley winds have pushed too far to the N for the other launches to be considered safe.

Please respect private lands. Based on the Köppen climate classification, Williams Peak is located in the marine west coast climate zone of western North America. Email Visitor Information. Mellow climb a couple minor tech spots. While rare, it is possible to bench over to the main ridge from here as well with a good thermal or glass off. Lower Launch parking – 3.8 mi (follow trail S of road for 500' to reach lower launch). P.O. Missing the LZ will not result in any serious harm but will require untangling equipment from the dense shrub covering the area. Parking for 2 or 3 vehicles. Idaho Springs, CO 80452 (3), [img:724232:aligncenter:medium:Teepee & Willies Peak], [img:667461:aligncenter:medium:Willies Peak as seen from the southeast at the head of Babbish Gulch], [img:667456:aligncenter:medium:The Elk Range as viewed from the northwest (from Willies Peak)], [img:718312:aligncenter:medium:View of Capitol and Snowmass Peaks and the Elks], [img:724223:aligncenter:small:Beaver pond in Babbish Gulch], [img:718311:aligncenter:small:Aspen forests around Willys], [img:718317:aligncenter:small:Pond on backside of Willys], [img:718315:aligncenter:small:Meadow at top of Babbish], [img:718305:aligncenter:small:elevation profile]. Geological events occurring many years ago created the diverse topography and drastic elevation changes over the Cascade Range leading to various climate differences which lead to vegetation variety defining the ecoregions in this area. Finally, reaching the LZ To reach the postage stamp LZ requires a 6.4:1 glide which may be difficult or impossible to achieve in a PG with the typical afternoon and evening winds.

Jul 8, 2020 @ 4:30pm. has become dry enough to drive.

Miniwings can enjoy short flights off of the Dinosaur launch, but flights from the upper or lower launches are likely to end in sagebrush. Trail users are required to remain on trail segment through private land. The final portion of the road consists of a couple steep switchbacks. sledder conditions off of the upper launch for newer pilots with strong forward launching skills. Later larger LZs, and a small and more rarely used bailout LZ. heating and may quickly become unsuitable for paragliders.

recommended to use this launch if the winds are trending to the west or northwest as the ridge line to The peak is 19 mi (31 km) southeast of Kremmling in the Arapaho National Forest. Directions to williams-peak-trail trailhead (34.532670, -112.552980) update trails status or condition Williams Peak Trail Trail Reports. Williams Peak is a mountain flying site located in the scenic Blue River valley approximately 23 miles north of Silverthorne, Colorado. When the reservoir is low, landing on the beach just across the highway can be a safer option. Green mountain reservoir can serve as an accurate windicator to determine conditions near the

It is situated 14 km (9 mi) north of the Canada–United States border, 6 km (4 mi) northwest of Chilliwack Lake, and 6.7 km (4 mi) southeast of Foley Peak, which is its nearest higher peak. Williams Valutest; Lec Medical; Celtex; Clinell; Offers; Login; Added to Your Shopping Basket.

303-541-2500 ideal for newer pilots and earlier morning flights. This LZ is also used by pilots sinking out from lower launch as hiking back up from the bail out and relaunching can be done relatively quickly.

For additional information, a site walk through, or stoke, contact a local and/or a Williams area site representative. Fort Collins, CO 80526 Operational Hours: 24 hours : Rentals & Guides: No: Fees: None : Permit Info: None: Usage: Light: Restrictions: Trail passes through private land.