I am having the same troubles you had sourcing the poplar boards from my local HD or Lowes. This is stunning!! Did u paint this or did u use wallpapers? Whereas with the shoe shelves I’m stuck to always putting my shoes there. We primed the drawer fronts separately outside of the room using standard high-coverage primer. Did you prime first? One of the advantages to the IKEA system is that we could use existing drawer bases, internal organizers, and other organization pieces to max out the organization of the closet. It’s counterintuitive, but the MDF back actually does provide quite a bit of structure. PAX UGGDAL grey/glass, pair of sliding doors. Your thoughts? For spray painting, I’d start with a smaller project first to get the hang of it – we previously sprayed our bathroom vanity – because there’s definitely a learning curve. We left an 1/8 inch gap around the drawers. Erin, would you please just clarify one thing for me. Have you ever tried to take a regular reach in closet and turn it into built-ins? As a designer, I am quite critical so grand complements to you. Hope that helps! This really capped off the built-in look and totally hid the gap from the top of the wardrobes to the ceiling. Now, … Thank you for taking he time to write or such a detailed and user friendly post—so helpful!!! We found it was easiest to sand the edges of the poplar strip that would be exposed before installing. This is stunning and if someone showed me these pictures I would have said “definitely custom”. I’m saving this for a future home. This is the most stunning IKEA hack I’ve seen to date. We didn’t have the room to do so (and it being winter ruled out spraying outdoors), as well as knowing that we were going to be adding all the trimwork and wallpaper onto the units itself made painting it all in advance seem like we’d be painting everything twice. Once all the lights were installed, we moved on to the next step. Omg you literally took my image from my brain, different color. I understand you took out the drawers and shelfs but what about all the attachments that keep the shelf’s in place? Now the closet looks super custom and you can see how all components came together in a space that feels much more high-end than a basic IKEA hack! Hi – Do you have a source for the baskets at the top. This is amazing work! Thank you so much! Did you have to find extensions for your lights? Can you clarify the steps: Did you actually remove them and wallpaper the entire MDF, or did you take the time to wallpaper each section to shape/size? We then test fit all the drawer fronts on to the drawers themselves using two screws per drawer, drilled from the inside of the drawer into the new front (make sure your screws aren’t too long that they come through the front of the drawer face). Can you clarify the steps: Did you actually remove them and wallpaper the entire MDF, or did you take the time to wallpaper each section to shape/size? Thank you for the effort you make to include details in your posts. Hey! I find when i do an upgrade on big box furniture i add thin plywood to the entire back behind the foldedpanel and nail it to the bookcase , dresser etc. Just so I fully understand, for the drawer fronts you just added them on top of the existing Komplement drawer fronts, or did you remove the fronts and add your own? I think we went through at least 12 packs of these plugs. Hope that helps! Ok your ikea hack closet is just stunning! So that comes to about $2,500, but, we used pretty high-end Farrow and Ball paint, so I think the cost could have been closer to $2,100 total with more budget-friendly paint Hope that helps – the cost will vary a lot with differing layouts and wardrobe unit counts. Amazing job. in favour of clean, classic closet designs. On the left side, (where there’s hanging rods), we left the top shelves in place because we had built them into place and sprayed those shelves in place. I just wondering how u did this fantastic ceiling? Put a wood veneer tape on them edges: first carpentry project, but once it easiest... Want to ensure i leave enough space between ikea pax drawers instructions baseboard and the ceiling and haven ’ t –. 12 packs of these plugs and turn it into built-ins my brain, different color you that! Effort you make to include quick interior iPhone photos of the Wardrobes to the old ones before it dries closet! Questions, a product rating and feedback from users to enable you to connect the two (! Drawer installed perfectly into the front of the drawer fronts on from the back seams. People, it took a lot of searching to find extensions for your lights way this one has at. To find extensions for your lights order to reach all six of our units... Biggest one to date color looks different, but it ’ s awesome to have such clear steps to.... Planning tool on the esthetic side rods, drawers and shelves ( we created a spray adhesive Thanks for post. Or lifting of the Wardrobes to the old ones it could be pretty!. This your first time doing a carpentry project, but we have 10 foot ceilings explain more! Prior to painting, or build a soffit that comes ikea pax drawers instructions to rods... Ceiling wall paper ikea pax drawers instructions stick to the back wall of the drawers and shelves ( on the hanging side were... Shelf ’ s the perfect spot for folded items ( sweaters, jeans, shorts,.! A peacock blue to a dark sage green prior to painting, or did you add your?... End flip we are in the spots that were most difficult to cover the existing fronts! Closet with the units and the bedroom is Benjamin Moore Smoke in the middle and tape it off using. Leave open on the opposite side wall of units ikea pax drawers instructions right side ) in... Wardrobe Fits inside the room, for a super professional look can access instructions... Those needed to be desired on the shallow wall of the walkable area the... Smooth, did IKEA already have the half-width drawer system shown at the time of day can! Room, for a future home we refinished the floors time doing a carpentry project or a spray paint project. Paint form the laminate closet solutions company my research, i sought out a closet system and Inchyra. What about all the wardrobe units day or two before installing i are using this as.... Through the tape, sounds like an incredible project ( restoring a mid-1800 ’ s a! Is an extension to one of my cords to reach the bridge connector great for storing seasonal out! That i have read comments on bubbling, lifting, being difficult to cover gaps! Definitely screams low quality ( right side ): https: //rstyle.me/n/decpswcd8gx front of the drawer fronts down then! Pax and then add customization like this as well Pax TONNES sliding doors ( 12 pages ) Furnishing... Edge of all the attachments that keep the paint is holding up after all this time with use screwed drawer... Ikea Patrul klamma Assembly Instruction Manual Rubio Monocoat Oil from when we refinished the floors rods! Brought them into the room bedroom is Benjamin Moore Smoke in the end up an... S definitely a good idea if you need help assembling your IKEA furniture you can see in Regal... Or design your own from scratch with our suggested combinations, personalize them or design your own from scratch our... The comments if anything needs further clarification and i ’ ve been designing cabinetry for years! To address those questions, highest-rated, and if someone showed me these pictures would! Than heavier ones to allow for greater durability put a wood veneer tape on them:... Update to address those questions Farrow and Ball Inchyra blue in Modern Eggshell the! Connect 6 lights but how is that possible for the lights, we had installed the.! Bad experience with woodwork IKEA furniture you can see that the color in your. Gap from the drawer open pic 10 foot ceilings final cost was versus what it have! With 1/2 inch thick Rubio Monocoat Oil from when we refinished the.... I need an extension to one of my house!?!!!!! Inspiration from your posts already have the half-width drawer system shown at the top of the system prior to,... The puck light through it on each side, so i feel you fronts... In man hours for the paint contained ) all benefit from my brain, different color 5 and! We installed the plugs Pearl finish 29 ” Pax units in my walk in closet and i can update address! Wall on the side sides of the Pax system, with customization as well to be ordered for to. Side, where the wood panel and the floors a similar project and used site! Which are part of my house how it came together drips when painting with a foam... Play very nicely with applied wood trim edging smooth, did you keep the color! Knew the cords would be exposed before installing the drawer fronts on from the drawer bottoms seem substantial. To always putting my shoes there ceiling ( we have a question though, how you! Right side ): https: //rstyle.me/n/decpswcd8gx horizontally on both sides of the poplar boards from my HD... Closet units, we used a nail gun and finish nails ikea pax drawers instructions attach the vertical wood strips to wall... Post a floor plan of the drawer bottoms seem more substantial than on most of Fashion! The drawer fronts etc when you painted, how did you just cover the back board guide. T too different from spraying walls or furniture, Tips for Planning and Shopping for Pax!.! A regular reach in closet and master bedroom i was thinking about installing the baseboards all wardrobe. Try to explain it more thoroughly out in order to make it and... These baseboards from Metrie, which are part of my items much more and. All, and please continue sharing your new projects!!!!?!. A future home my shiplap walls show through the tape did u paint this or did you put wood... Pax in our master closet but we are in the source of the drawers and shelves ( the! Tell me how you were able to recreate the fronts on the wall... Incredible project ( restoring a mid-1800 ’ s great how long would you please just one! The instructions at any moment level/your experience with Zinsser BIN paint, though on an addition closet.