mochi blocks, as needed; sliced bacon, as needed (1 slice of bacon per skewer) 2 tablespoons soy sauce; 2 tablespoons mirin; Cut each block into eight equal sized cubes. I have thought off and on about getting a mochi tsuki ki or mochi making machine, for years. Although commercial dried mochi cakes are available at any Japanese grocery store and can't be beat for convenience, freshly made mochi is a very different thing - softer, stickier, with the natural sweetness of the rice coming through. They are usually served hot in a variety of soups, but can also occasionally be served cold. Hailing from Osaka, Okonomiyaki is a delicious Japanese savory pancake made with flour, eggs, cabbage, and protein, and topped with a variety of condiments. How to Make Udon. Bacon-Wrapped Yaki Mochi each block of mochi makes 2 skewers. In this Welcome World Cuisine video, you’ll see how to make traditional Japanese sukiyaki Udon is a type of thick, chewy noodles used in Japanese cooking.