Fujifilm X 50mm lenses It's pricey, but if you're looking for a high quality standard prime for your full-frame Pentax DSLR, this is the best 50mm lens you can buy. Although considerably bigger (and a little faster) than the 55mm f/1.8, it comes with increased image performance and makes for a … For Video, the below stabilized lens from Sony give very good results Pour de la video l’optique suivante donne de très bons résultats. With its apochromatic optical design, the lens … The Sony Planar T* FE 50mm f/1.4 ZA is Sony’s flagship E mount 50mm. Sony E 50mm F1.8 OSS; Kamlan 50mm F1.1 II. A large and heavy lens at almost 1kg, it's both dust-proof and weather-resistant, as well as enjoying a newly developed ring-type SDM (Supersonic Direct-drive Motor). Voigtländer APO-LANTHAR 50mm F2.0 is a high performance manual focus normal lens optimized for the imaging sensors of Sony mirrorless cameras. We've included 35mm lenses that can be used on APS-C cameras for a 52.5mm equivalent (Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Pentax), and 56mm equivalent (Canon), plus 25mm lenses for 50mm equivalent … The Kamlan 50mm F1.1 II 250 euros (200 euros on Kickstarter) is a Excellent manual portrait lens