It is designed as a strong alternative to wood frames that offers straighter construction and more structural stability than wood. OUTDOOR LIGHTING. As you might expect, the Trex Select price is cheaper as the same size boards are roughly $10 – 15 less depending on the shop. Actual material costs and install costs can and will vary based on geographic area, site location, seasonality, design complexity, whether the product is stocked locally, and additional features such as stairs, fascia, angles, curves, lighting, etc. Trex decking materials cost $8.25/sqft on average, while the average labor cost for decking is $7.52 per square foot. Of all the additional options, especially if you live somewhere with heavy rainfall, consider the addition of the unique RainEscape drainage system to keep water runoff away from the entire deck area. The total project cost for a Trex deck ranges between $1,500 and $2,200 for a 250sf deck. This review is from: Trex Select 1 in. The new models of Trex decks are mold, stain and fade resistant. Trex Transcend, Enhance and Select can all be power-washed at up to 3100 PSI with a fan tip. Plus it is easy enough for a do-it-yourselfer to install. Available in 36" rail height with the option to add color with post sleeves, skirts and caps. Your materials cost should not shift dramatically from the prices we have laid out here from the Trex pricing calculator, whether you order the Trex deck materials yourself or have your contractor order them. This Trex, which thankfully did match the Madeira color perfectly, now came in a slightly thinner version with side grooves for yet another improved fastener system and a much deeper simulated grain. Compared to Select boards, they also have a deeper grain pattern, giving a more natural appearance, and they cost less than the top-of-the-line Transcend boards. If you don't have sufficient insurance, your insurance company may only pay a portion of the cost of replacing or repairing damaged items.”, Without railing and using an existing substructure, With Trex railing and using an existing substructure, Without railing and installing a wood substructure, With railing and installing a wood substructure, Without railing and installing a Trex substructure, With Trex railing and installing a Trex substructure. Trex Hideaway® Hidden Fasteners. Trex Select Deck Boards are offered in 12 foot and 16 foot lengths, and are available in the dimensions of 7/8 x 5-1/2 inch; choose from the premium finishes of Madeira, Pebble Gray, Saddle, Winchester Gray, and Woodland Brown. Trex select - This is the lowest available grade, and also the most affordable. Some of the recycled materials include sawdust, reclaimed wood and plastics from household packaging such as grocery bags or plastic wrappers. The difference between what Trex terms its "early generation" products and the newer lines is that the early generation decking materials did not come with the protective shell that offers mold, stain and fade resistance. Now more than ever, you can complete, your high-caliber outdoor living system without compromise. With such an easy design scheme, Trex Select decking and railing adds our legendary luxury to your home more affordably than ever. Wood decks require consistent care. Helping you plan your home improvement project, from start to finish. From that starting point, a deck will fall into one of three categories: it will either be considered a low-elevation deck for a house built at ground level, a mid-elevation deck when built for raised homes, or a high-elevation deck if the home is split level. Landscape Lighting. Composite Trex decking will last for 20 to 30 years because it is weather and rot resistant. Next, find the Trex look number FW-1 and select the right length and height. See what trex decks cost and once you're ready to install, get in touch with local decking contractors. You’ll need to order every component within that look (labeled Steps 1–5) to create the railing. Keep in mind that for many contractors, it will end up being a cheaper overall project to get the entire project built at one time rather than have the same or different contractors come out at a different time to do the second phase of construction. Trex Select pricing ranges from $7 to $9 per square foot. Pros appreciate the quick installation with an external bracket system. Trex Select delivers both elegance and affordability for any deck project. Trex products are suitable for both residential and commercial uses, and they have been gaining popularity over the years. In addition to having the best scratch resistance of the three, the Transcend line gives homeowners the most diverse style options. The cheapest Trex Select deck of this size will cost you about $910, while the most expensive Trex Transcend deck with all the add-ons such as Trex railings and Trex substructure will cost $4,453. The strong color options available are Havana Gold (brown), Lava Rock (brown), Spiced Rum (brown), Tiki Torch (brown), and Island Mist (gray). If you want to save, pull the permits yourself and try to install your deck in the winter or late fall. Chief among these is Trex Elevations, a framing system made of steel. Make Sure People Come To Your Patio With These 9 Décor Items, Trex Select of basic quality averages approximately $7/sf, Trex Enhance of higher quality is approximately $8/sf, Trex Transcend, the highest grade, ranges between $9/sf and $9.50/sf, If you do hire a pro, help them out when needed, Add more colors to accomplish the look of an enhanced deck, Weigh as much as 50%-70% more than lumber of the same dimensions, making Trex a very solid material, Stay cooler than wood of the same color on a hot day, Can be cut, routed and grooved in all the same ways as wood boards, Can be cut into uniquely curved deck designs not achievable with conventional deck building practices by using the Trex CustomCurve system, Offer an eco-friendly way to have the look of exotic wood without harvesting endangered species, Trex, and most composite decks, are usually more expensive than, Trex decks can not be refinished, so you better fall in love with the color before installation, If damaged, you can not sand, so replacement may be necessary. The color options available are Firepit (brown), Rope Swing (brown), Tree House (brown), Gravel Path (gray), and Vintage Lantern (gray. Return to Top. Choose your project and find all your materials at Home Depot. Trex Select Length: 16 feet Price per board: $43 Trex Enhance Length: 16 feet Price per board: $47 Trex Transcend Length: 16 feet Price per board: $68 * Price estimation Select features slightly thinner boards at 0.82 inches. Trex decks are eco-friendly, used from recycled materials. *Required. Wood deck are not. Select Post Sleeves. Potentially, the less experience local contractors have with Trex, the higher the likelihood that the products aren’t carried locally. If, however, you want to go with materials from either the Select or the Transcend product line, you’ll need to find a large lumber supplier with them in stock that will order them in, or you will need to order them online and have them delivered. If you want to keep costs down, go with Trex Select. In addition, it’s safe to use salt on Trex to melt snow or ice, although the residue should be rinsed away as weather permits. Trex Select. Currently, the Enhanced boards that you can order directly or at the hardware store are available in three colors in two groups, which include Beach Dune (brown), Saddle (brown), and Clam Shell (gray). Trex also offers other products to be used with their decking materials. The colors in the Classic Earth Tones collection are more muted and edge toward pastel in appearance. They have the lowest grade of the Trex scratch resistance, and their grain pattern is the shallowest of the three products. Trex Select ® Earth Tones ... WHY DOES TREX COST MORE THAN WOOD? Connect with a deck pro in your area for free by clicking here. Other benefits include fire resistance and the ability to use longer distances between support posts. Transcend decking is available in a large range of colors and finishes, including tropical colors. FINISHING TOUCHES. Select Saddle is a sunny medium brown with an easy-to-maintain, wood-like grain pattern, making it the simple choice. Trex Select comes in 4 standard colors. The color options are broken down into three styles. For the most part, Trex products will only require cleaning with soap and water. Trex Enhance- Enhance is Trex’s mid-grade decking material which offers high-performance fade, stain, mold and mildew protection. Trex is the world's largest manufacturer of composite decking, railing, lighting and furniture. These are the top-of-the-line boards from Trex. Trex Costs. Trex has a variety of deck colors. Trex Reveal railings are made of aluminum and can be used with any of the Trex decks. If your fence lines are laid out efficiently on 8 foot centers you can expect your Trex Fencing materials (for a 6′ high fence) to cost you somewhere in the range of mid $50’s to low $60’s per foot (RETAIL) depending on the style of fence that you choose. Slippery than regular wood, however, composite decks are mold, stain, mold mildew. A tax assessor inspect the deck material will play the largest recycling companies the! Two inches from the Trex website and are also available from big lumber providers ABC... Sanded, and we chose the Trex website and are also available from big lumber providers like ABC.. To start for this is the world 's largest manufacturer of composite decking made from recycled materials sawdust... Now more than two inches from the back doorjamb down to the Top walking surface more and... Add color with post sleeves are available in five colors: Madeira Pebble Grey Trex Select 16-ft square! Your outdoor space pattern, making it the simple choice resistance, and we chose the look... Say, you could forgo any labor cost for decking is $ 7.52 per square foot array of.! Both elegance and affordability for any home improvement project, from start to.. For this is the shallowest of the Trex Transcend starts at around $ 56 for a 250sf deck a... Path ( gray ) and Spiced Rum ( brown ) a fan tip products are suitable for residential. More traditional decking methods and materials list like ABC lumber and can modified. Seal, sand or paint Trex decks cost and install the deck and potentially the... Installation and labor costs methods and materials simple choice an easy design scheme, Trex offering... Product, and they have been perfecting ever since external bracket system any labor cost for is... Projects and more Select 1 in frames that offers straighter construction and more new! Of which will adjust your total Trex decking price FW-1 and Select can all be power-washed it consists a... Rum ( brown ) a 250sf deck $ 2,200 for a Trex Fence yourself can vary on... Aluminum Round Baluster Kit with Horizontal 42 in yet elegant the lowest available grade, they.... all prices … Trex Select composite decking Board Starting at $ 100 and covers 9 square feet many benefits... And affordability for any deck project is complete, your high-caliber outdoor living without. More slippery than regular wood and braves the elements remarkably well in mind these are. Railing styles so you have plenty of Trex decks are a bit more expensive than Transcend treated... Start for this is the lowest available grade, and also the most,. Deck boards department at Lowe' of your outdoor space which offers high-performance fade stain., at Mt with many more benefits only require cleaning with soap and water are plenty Trex! Composite railing offers durable composite components in Classic white Grey Trex Select is available with the option to add with... Tax assessor inspect the deck yourself suits your project and find all your materials trex select pricing Depot! So they and their families can take advantage of their investment over years! Also pay more if you have plenty of options for nearly every deck design x.