And other species of fish have been over-fished to the point of population decline. The West has just barely begun to scratch the surface of raw applications, and, building from Japanese inspiration, started implementing these techniques into other cuisine-types. Eat 2 to 3 servings a week from the "Best Choices" list (OR 1 serving from the "Good Choices" list). Here's a list of seafood you absolutely should be eating, and others you should avoid. These guidelines are developed based on data from fish that have been tested for chemical contamination and are found to be safe to eat. Some fish have a high mercury content, which makes them potentially dangerous if you eat too much. Rainbow trout (also referred to as steelhead trout), is one of the best fish to eat when it's farmed in the U.S. or indoor recirculating tanks, according to Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. So it's important to be smart and informed about your under the sea options. Raw Seafood Approved . For children, a serving is 1 ounce at age 2 and increases with age to 4 ounces by age 11. Safe eating guidelines let the public know when there are no limits on eating specific fish species. So, it is from the sushi bar that I’m netting the best seafood to eat raw. Fish oil supplements contain EPA and DHA, too, but most studies—and many have been done over the years—have not found pills to be as helpful as simply eating seafood for most people. Japan is really the epicenter of raw seafood preparation.