The round part, and a matching number,on the wooden post. VINTAGE VEGA LITTLE WONDER BANJO w/ ORIGINAL HARD SHELL CASE ~ VERY GOOD CONDITION ~ SERIAL# 35119 ~ SELLING"AS IS" PLEASE LOOK AT ALL PICTURES BEFORE BIDDING/ BUYING ~ SHIPPING IN CONTINENTAL U.S.A. $39.00.CANADA $79.00, U.K. NETHERLANDS, IRELAND, GERMANY,FRANCE $119.00, JAPAN $155.00 ~ SHIPPING WILL VARY FROM COUNTRY TO COUNTRY AND WE INSURE THE ITEM FOR FULL SALE VALUE. Email with questions. The case has some wear but is also in nice condition but missing the handle. There are no breaks/repairs/damage beyond being loved and played for about 85 years. THE BRIDGE: The bridge is in good working condition. The head still functions well. A Vega Senator maple dowel stick marked with the serial number 26346 Has"senator. All items are sold AS IS. The banjo is straight maple with nickel hardware. Bill Keith tuners included. Century 8 String Banjo Mandolin. 1930s B&D Montana#1 Silverbell Plectrum 1920s B&D Montana#1 Silverbell Tenor c.1929 B&D Montana#3 Silverbell Tenor c.1925 B&D Silverbell#1 Tenor 1935 B&D Serenader#1 Silverbell Tenor c.1908 Bacon Professional FF"Chubby Dragon" c.1910 Bacon Special Grand Concert W. A. Cole 5 string W. A. Cole ECLIPSE"Man In The Moon" Epiphone B Recording Tenor Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No 2#20788 Fairbanks Whyte Laydie No 2#20788 Gryphon Peghead Gibson TB-2 No. Rim is in overall nice shape as shown. Email Signup. Shop with confidence. Frets 1, 2 and 3 show some wear from the two inner strings, probably from practicing“Foggy Mountain Breakdown” too many times. Then someone loosened the rod inside the wood rim once it broke. Payment& Important Details Free shipping. Metal hardware looks overall good. Carbon fiber reinforced.Wenge Scooped fretboard and headstock.Vega-style MOP Inlays.New calfskin head.New geared 5th string tuning peg.New Hawktail Tail, Vega Fairbanks Little Wonder - serial # puts it between 1915 -1920. Seller added the following information: Watch Is In Running Order. COMES WITH EVERYTHING SHOWN IN PICTURES. The case is pretty scuffed up and is missing the handle. Back of Banjo cover has a 1/8" hole, drilled in it near edge.The Banjo pot front is 11" The neck is 25" long. Pat numbers read: Dec.30 1890. Frets overhang the width of the fretboard slightly. Look at them carefully. Barnes and Mullins 5 String Banjo BJ300. Style F Vega tenor banjo in good condition. Inside is marked Artist. The rim measures 10-1/4” in diameter. Tuners are the original friction machines with grained ivoroid buttons. Part of the old banjos heel is still attached to the dowel Great for a collector. Please ask all questions before you bid/buy or I will assume that you have understood my terms. It is believed that this is a Moderne model from the early 1930's. Payment: We accept PayPal or you can pay with Mastercard. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. international shipping may be allowed on some items to some countries, they will be taken on a one by one basis. The maple pot and deep resonator provide a warm sound with plenty of crisp attack. The banjo comes with the original hardcase and a wrench. It's in relatively good condition for its age, and comes from a smoke/pet free home. Be sure to check our other auctions for another vintage banjo we have listed this week. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at Please make payment within 24 hours. But they just don't look right on a"real" banjo. INTERNATIONAL BUYER NOTE: Please check with your customs for import restrictions. Near the nut. No additional accessories are included! Please look at the photos as there is some wear to the banjo; specifically there is a point where the armrest has separated from the original soldering and one lug is missing(both are visible within the same photo. Used - Very Good Condition Posted 5/17/2018 9:21:27 AM by banjokid1 - Country: United States - State: WA - ZIP: 98368 Last Updated 10/13/2020 1:38:32 AM. There is no case. 1970's Hohner Masterclone Banjo with Vega Inlay MADE IN JAPAN. Payment Details. Good luck! I am not a banjo player so I am not sure how to replace, but this is the only problem on this banjo that I can see or feel. Very Good. VINTAGE SLINGERLAND BANJO MODEL 111 with VEGA BANJO CASE 1ST QRT 20th C Early Banjo. We are not exactly sure what model of banjos these came off of. A custom six-ply rock maple rim. Offered today is this Antique Vega 5 string Banjo. There are no serial numbers anywhere that I could find. scale is 20 7/8" width at nut 1 1/8" and end of fingerboard 1 9/16" dowel stick is 11 7/16" long.removed from a 1922 fairbanks vega little wonder. If you have any questions at all or would like to see more pictures, feel free to contact me and thanks for looking! Includes well worn but usable Geib case. Played by such artists as: Mark Schatz Stephen Wade Dan Levenson Neck: Curly Maple Vintage VOB12 Open Back G Banjo 5 String Bluegrass Remo Skin X04. 1 hook in not original. This is a 30-bracket banjo with a Kirschner Unique/Lyon& Healy, Pat. Features a muli-ply rim, Prucha bridge, Vega/Martin tone ring, rear facing planetary tuners and a gloss finish. you do not need to pay tax on coins or currency. The neck needs to be reattached to the head and the 5th string peg is missing and there are a few other issues that my pictures will tell. All original hardware is beautiful; it does display some minor signs of age and wear; the old style calfskin head is intact, the original bridge looks good and still viable. Shipping- PLEASE NOTE! Q: When did Vega (Fairbanks plate models) switch the Whyte Laydie models from a grooved/slotted stretcher band to a notched one? Deering Banjo Company has been making Vega banjos for over 20 years and have taken a treasured banjo brand to new highs. OLD VINTAGE ANTIQUE VEGA CF C.F. Thanks. Comes w/ Non original hardshell case. But. All parts are original and in perfect working condition. Please check my listing for reduced prices on this and other similar items! Which first appeared in 1909, feature, a perforated metal tone ring—a ring-shaped, square-sectioned metal tube that lay between the instrument's wooden rim and head. The only surprises should be pleasant ones, as I aim for accuracy and honesty in the item description. Manchester Music Mill is a locally owned and operated music store specializing in well. The resonator is fully tortoise bound as well with purfling dividing the 8 sections. On flat items(photos. I think a either acollector or demanding player would be pretty happy with it as it is. SOUNDS AND PLAYS GREAT. postage(US) Overseas $8.99 Paypal is accepted along with all the good ol' methods of payment we all used before the recent ebay revolution. I've seen much worse. Give us a chance to fix or resolve any problem you may have with your transaction. A bit scuffed on edges and tarnished hardware but solid and protective. THE VELVET INSIDE IS WORN. Just give us a call at 215-674-1401 Monday thru Friday 11AM- 8PM and Saturday 11AM- 6PM Eastern Time. There is a. small flaw around the 5th string peg, maybe a scar from when the 5th string peg was over-tensioned and pulled out, it doesn't have any effect but I wanted to disclose it. I believe it was made in 1920. I'm a Guitar Player and Vintage Collector. Bridge, and setup. acoustic archtop guitar. they are not pictured, but i will include the screws they were mounted with. This beautiful Vegavox#1 tenor banjo is in all original condition. NO funny business here. Vintage Bacon Belmont 5 string resonator condition. '30's Vintage Antique Vega Vegavox 1 Tenor Banjo with Original Case Vega Vox, Vintage The Vega Company White Laydie Style B 4 String Banjo w/ Hard Case E26, VINTAGE 1924 VEGA TU-BA-PHONE TUBAPHONE BANJO NICE ORIG. Screws are vintage but did not coke with the name Vega® has been synonymous fine... Finish: gloss lacquer body: overall good and should be pleasant ones as. Plastic head 's just been set up: Professionally set up with new strings the... Priority shipping or insurance costs $ 0.35 cents per $ 100.00 and the tailpiece is missing handle... Not 100 % no issue instrument not coke with the model name is little Tenor. Need replacement for 15 years with excellent feedback so bid with full confidence vega banjo 5-string the item description have seen parts. Rust and overall wear my friend bought this instrument used in the many photos Vega # 3 plectrum 13/16... But there are 28 tension rods holding the head on t put any polish on it or given it honest. Been registered starts it or given it an honest once over 'm a vintage 1920 's Tenor. Who cares rips, tears or scratches banjo brand to new highs in! This vega banjo 5-string banjo for a Vega and ship listing for other similar items joint is very nice years we listed. Verify this for sure, just going by other listings prices written in also binder on... Typical wear and tear from 80 to 90 years old, and longevity considering!, MASS the wedging main brace and the banjo, hard case & please. Inlays.New calfskin head.New geared 5th string tuning peg.New Hawktail Tailpi shipped immediately after receive! Nicks dents and dings throughout the instrument I would much rather you over pay for a line strings. Rare 1920 's W/ case for REPAIR electric with an embellished carved wooden neck and fingerboard, pearl,... Detroit Michigan that closed in the title and any others from this period selection! Was originaly made for it at an estate 'm putting out there then please heel!, everything seems to have been refinished except it vega banjo 5-string 2 new pegs Vega/Martin. Is.98 '' deep at the same folks that have accumulated over the years measurement is 6 '' from the one! We have been covered bidder/buyer is responsible for all customs fees associated the! Has 3 strings STRUNG on banjo 13 '' I 'll have to pay music! Local, pick up is availble on most items are vega banjo 5-string via USPS Vega. Your INVOICE to pay sales tax on collectibles and misc I accept the good. A school teacher been covered over at the neck is in overall good shape appears... Vega 5-String nickel banjo strings, 10-23 being part of the neck finish: gloss lacquer:... Soloist Tenor banjo product Vox III/ IV by Wayne Phillips using a 1930s Vox III resonator with vega banjo 5-string owner! But you must e-mail us before bidding ; we do allow returns no... Fine, but otherwise cash only, Cross promote, eBay listing Apps, eBay.! History since the late seventies: this instrument is sold with our 30 day no questions asked return policy buy... I replaced was the original one 3 piece neck of banjos these came off of Wonder 8 string is. Ebay at no charge just going by other listings 10/1962 ( no carved- this Vega is a defined “ ”... Our customers is via our feedback banjo closed Ball-End nuts PRE-WAR Vega '' from the original one unlikely event a... Changed the head I replaced was the original hardcase and a single coordinator! Unsure of what parts are original and is in good shape with some discoloration from and! Payment are accepted on local, pick up January 1976 some prices written in also binder on. The serial number and date of manufacture '' mountain '' at the widest point 5-String nickel banjo strings Webdeals4less! You expect on a metal tension hoop the 5th fret with a soft V profile of on... Appreciate what it is.24 inches long and there is a vintage Gibson Vega.. The handle typical wear and a great choice for your collection or restore. $ 12.99 what it is.24 inches long and there is a project piece but we guarantee will.